What’s worked for your premature ejaculation?

HELP!! Over the last 5 years I’ve started cumming really fast. It feels like I’ve developed a chronically tight pelvic floor, as it twitches under there a lot when I’m getting a boner.

I try as much as I can to not busy but it’s only gotten worse! Also started dating my best friend and life partner, so it doesn’t help that my body is constantly trying to put a baby in her lol :sweat_smile: Either way it’s annoying, and although I’m pretty consistent with getting my girl off in other ways, I know that little bit of disappointment hits when I’m railing her and she’s close but I bust… She’s so sweet about, it but I want to get back to dogging her out like how I did when we first met.

So yeah, any success stories? What’s worked and what hasn’t?