Premature Ejaculation (PE)

I’ve been really struggling with PE recently. I’ve always not been able to last ages but about 5 minutes I’d guess. But a few months ago I finished relatively quickly and my girlfriend made a comment with affected me a bit. However times after this were still good but recently the last about 5 times I’ve finished pretty much as soon as I put it in. I think I get so nervous that I’m gonna finish quickly and not please my partner I put to much pressure on myself. The 2nd most recent time we had sex I made her finish before PIV sex and it was so much better I think because I felt less pressure. Just struggling to see a way forward

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Try to listen to music while having sex, and shift your mind set to the notes you hear, must be appropriate music and you’ll be surprised how powerful music can engage your mind, whit a bit of practice, you’ll feel less anxious and you will start to last longer-