Last with oral but seem to go fast with vaginal

Recently I have been struggling with ED issues and PE out of the blue I am 25 years old and in very good shape I’m aware that this is more of a psych issue than anything. I down loaded the app and it has helped with the ED portion for the most part it takes me longer to get excited and have to focus on forplay but I am able to get an erection. And able to last during oral but struggle with vaginal sex.

This has never been an issue for me I was able to go 30-45 min first round for as long as I can remember but now I’m lucky to get 2 min.

Has anyone who struggled with this before have any tips on how to overcome PE?

I’ve had the same, I’m 26 and never had any issues what so ever.

I recently started dating the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen and suddenly am having issues with getting it up, keeping it up. And when I do have an errection I finish within minutes

She says she doesn’t mind but its so embarrassing

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I’m in the same boat I’m greatful, she’s understanding, but it takes a mental tole after awhile

Hard not to believe they don’t have an issue with it

Hey - not so sure on that one. My partner is all for clitoral stimulation ( and surrounds) and can take or leave intercourse ! There is a thread on here somewhere where what women like is discussed - penetration doesn’t seem high on the list for many. I think we are highly conditioned to think we need to have penetration for sex to be “real” - and don’t get me wrong, it’s important to me - but to her? Perhaps not so much - but of course this depends on the individual.


I was and am the same way! In my 20’s I could go all night and then I met my now wife and can just hanging on for 2-3 mins of vaginal sex. Oral I can last maybe 5-7 mins. She says she doesn’t mind but every once in awhile I will last a long time 15-20 and she is so into it and makes noises I never hear her make, so I know that’s what she really craves

I am 23 and struggling with ED and PE as well… started mojo and was able to get some erections going, but only lasted a few thrusts.

I am pretty sure it’s all a mental thing. The more pressure you put on yourself the harder it gets to get an erection and to go for long.

I will now start masturbating with a start-stop technique to try to enhance my endurance and continue to learn with mojo to relax and enjoy sex more again. Hopefully this helps.