How was trying stop-start for the first time?

Remember that it can take practice before it feels natural.

I found out I couldn’t maintain an erection without external stimuli. I would close my eyes and try to envision some sexy scenarios or try another position and regain stiffness, but my mind would wander, and I’d lose focus and my erection

Surprised I lasted the whole time (and longer) without ejaculating

Could not masturbate

That worked well. Really found how to focus in on my sensations and recognize when it’s time to stop and pause

i managed yay

Lasted most of the time but not quite

I didn’t try it tonight. I plan to tomorrow! I’m loving the tips and tricks and it’s giving me a little confidence boost for when bedroom time comes.

This was good. Yet as I’ve been masterbating more than normal and applying breathing techniques I feel a lot more calm and in control it got to two minutes left and I still didn’t feel close, so I used external stimulation. This worked for me, and then I applied stop start. I felt I really had to focus to get close, and I’m like is that a good thing? Or do I just sit at lower arousal levels, what is the best practice

Felt great! Did it with the box breath and lots of lube and lasted the whole 10 mins.

Towards the end found it hard to keep myself stimulated

Still getting the hang of it on

Didn’t need to stop, controlling breathing helped

I had to restart the time because it was hard to get going. After getting it up and maintaining my erection it went smoothly. I lasted the whole 10 min (obviously having to stop in between).