How was trying stop-start for the first time?

I think this is a good exercise but when it comes to sex and penetration its a completely different sensation and i find it hard to make it even a minute before i would have to start and stop and feel like that could be a real mood killer

It felt great

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I have heard about this technique before edging. But it is the first time I felt I have control over my erections without any visual porn to stimulate.

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Like the non porn. I cum so fast in my partner, but on my own, 10 minutes was easy. Hard to even practice the exercise because I never quite got to the point of no return. Maybe it’s the breathing! Excited to keep practicing then see how different a vagina is

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Great exercise looking forward to keep training and doing more daily to improve my sex life! Already feeling a mindset shift

Tried it without porn this time and with a rubber toy and lube. I think this is probably a good way to practice – by making it as close to the real thing as possible.

My own problems with timing are more about being present and confident. As I found that (or started to, since it obviously comes and goes!) via other exercises, I’ve already been lasting longer than I ever had before. As such, this exercise wasn’t for me, but it’s perfectly nice and feels like it could still be very helpful.

Used lube and no porn and imagination about me and my gf. Was a good time. 10 minutes was easy. Definitely feeling more confident

Tried it with my gf the other day. When I was reaching the point of no return, I tried to slow down but she kept going. “Slow down…trying to make this last longer…” and then blam. Oh well. Maybe switching positions will help next time.