How do you feel about discussing early climax with a partner?

(Whatever your relationship status)

Very nervous

Nervous and embarrassed

I get anxious

i tell her openly


I am nervous and embarrassed as hell. But ultimately I would like to be comfortable about it as I feel as though I have a pretty good judge of character and are entrusting them to be an understanding person if I have decided to be intimate with them.

Took me several years, but I can tell her now.

A little awkward but this way of think about it as an early warning for my partner is a nice way to look at it

Awkward, uncomfortable and nervous

It’s a tough topic to discuss and I get anxious because I overthink what the response might be, negative!! But it never is.

nervous, anxious, very embarrassed

A bit hesitant, but I can get around to doing it. I’ve done it a couple of times in the past.

Nervous, I’ve done it though and my current partner is only supportive. I came early a few times with and ex and she responded so negatively, like angry at me for not meeting her needs through penetration, and it really stuck with me as a terrible experience.

Very uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Anxious and kind of a vibe killer

Little embarrassing but open to the discussion