How do you feel about discussing early climax with a partner?

It’s been really difficult to express my feelings and talk about my situation. I avoided it for many years. But now I learned to upen up and the more I communicate the more confident I become and get better in expressing myself and my situation. It’s actually only hard in the beginning

I’ve never actually done it properly and it was good to get some pointers on how to start the conversation

I understand better what my wife means when she says when need to talk openly and I need to owner with I statements and it makes it more open and fun.

I want to be able to discuss premature ejaculation with a partner as my hope is an understanding partner would make me feel like this is less of an issue than I make it. When I brought it up to a former partner who didn’t like having intimate conversations, it was not received in the most receptive way. I know deep down I have to be more trusting that a future partner who is a good fit for me will be supportive of my needs and making me comfortable when having sex

Is feels super awkward and anxiety provoking but I’m have these conversations wit my girlfriend who I trust and at first she felt like it was pressure on her but after processing what I said things are getting better between us which is allowing us to both be more present during sex.

Fine, I’ve done it before and it usually helped