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  • Johnny, Mojo Connect

Get hard but can’t stay hard the whole time

Reverse kegels- on even the first day of practice- made a difference. Highly recommend. Also, there are several videos on YouTube that are more helpful than description provided here.


After having an orgasm I don’t feel like have sex again or it’ gets really difficult for me to cum, my penis looks hard enough to penetrate but I have a little soreness or pain while having sex, so I just don’t feel like going for the second round once I am done with the first, what will help me ?

nervous that it wont stay up inner critique being negative

Is there a structured program to follow after the course ends? I like having the “To do’s” each day, but it seems like it’s totally self-directed after finishing the last phase?

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This app is kind of buggy. Is it just me?

My critical voice does me dirty during and ESPECIALLY after sex. However, it is also the voice of discipline and self-control. If I were to tune it out or shut it off habitually, it wouldn’t be long before my hedonistic self-destructive tendencies/urges/impulses became the literal death of me. Their overwhelming and disproportionate presence, however, has also been my undoing. I’ve learned that there is a place for holding one’s self accountable and holding one’s self to a higher standard as well as refraining from harsh, abusive, and damaging self-criticism (which one might as well refer to simply as self-hate)

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Getting hard but not staying hard, even with viagra

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Absolutely experiencing positive physical and mental results from Mojo.
Inner Coach vs Inner critic was turning point for me.

The kegels have also been helpful.

I’m happy to say that with a sexy, communicative new partner I feel comfortable and confident that the issues I was experiencing with my previous partner are history.

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Since starting the Mojo course there are a lot of positives.
Communication and understanding was the first turning point. I showed my girlfriend the course (especially focussing on the educational stuff) and told her how it was helping; she went from being a nervous wreck in bed when it didn’t happen, to increadibly supportive, patient, and sensitive about it.
I have also started to notice a return of my morning erections. This happened after I started the pelvic workout.
Finally, the major win is that the success rate of having sex has increased. I had gotten to the point of almost never being able to get it up. Now it’s about a 50/50 (give or take). That’s a big win, and I haven’t finished the course yet.


I’m a 67 male and have had Ed issues for a few years now. I’ve used every variety of pill and those have not been working lately either. After a week of using this app I had the best sex with my wife I’ve had in a long time. I was able to watch my mind and not let my negative thinking ruin my erection during penetration.

Hi, I no longer need this App! And although the app was great help, the best advice I could possibly give on getting over anxiety related ED is finding a woman who loves you, and who you love back. Wait for the right moment to have sex with her, speak to her about your experiences with ED. Be honest with her. If she loves you she’ll understand and work with you to get over your ED problems! Also! Don’t be hard on yourself! Things will work out if you just go with the flow :slight_smile:

I think a small win as a new user is how much I’ve been reframing my issues with DE. I had never considered the role of my anxiety, body issues, challenges with mindfulness played in my sexual health. A more thorough look at these issues also re-examines why I’ve turned to pornography, which I fixated on as the main issue with my sexual health.

Looking at it the big picture and removing the shame associated with it has been huge.

I’m still no good ATM however the biggest thing that helped me from this app so far is the pelvic floor exercises & reverse kegals. I always notice a difference after doing these, even just 1 or 2 sessions and then it gives you a bit of confidence as well. But I never keep the exercises up, need to consistently do it.

Can’t get hard at all whatsoever. It’s definitely physical not psychological is there any medication to help me I’ve tried viagra etc they don’t work only get me half hard. I feel hopeless can someone pls help. I’m still relatively young in my early 20s.

Black fantasies. Am a white Male and cant help my thoughts and it makes me cum

On the senate program are you supposed to do level 1 to 5 in one day?

Only do one level per session