Success Stories?

I was wondering if there were some success stories people can share or progress that has been made since joining.

It would be encouraging to hear at a point thing feel so hopless.

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Like many here I was experiencing psychological ED (mainly performance anxiety & spectatoring). My specific situation was a bit different than many as my wife and I are in the Lifestyle (i.e. swinging) so I knew my issues were psychological since I had no issues when with my long term wife or myself alone. However, the negative aspects of ED with new partners was just as impactful (embarrassment, catastrophizing, subconsciously avoiding situations, etc). I started the program earlier this year. While there was a desire for quick results, I persisted in following the program completely. Improvements came slowly over around 2-3 months, but can say that I consider myself cured. I still have stray negative thoughts and I continue doing the meditations a few times a week, but have had around half a dozen successful encounters over the last two months. Follow the program…it works!


Love this post! I have been using for a few weeks now but already feel I am making headway. I haven’t had the chance to test it out with a partner but regardless of the outcome I know I am on the right path thanks to Mojo.

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I am only a week in and have already seen improvement, I am super happy with the small successes to date.

Recognizing and telling the inner critic to fuck off, stopping spectating and the meditation have been super helpful.

I am still a bit nervous about dating again and putting it into practice with a partner, but i am not going to rush that until i feel confident with myself.

I am glad i found Mojo!


I figure i would provide an update. I have been meditating daily and been very mindful of negative thoughts, my inner critic and spectating.

I met someone I really like, but was super nervous about what was going to happen. I had a great experience our first time! 2 months ago my psychological ED was so bad i couldnt even get it up alone and thought i would never have sex again. I cant believe the improvement and am so happy to have found mojo.


Thanks for this post and the update @certain-red-shark. Progress and success can look so different for every guy, depending on where we’re each coming from. Mojo really does draw off sound practices that correlate with other trusted resources I lean on.

@certain-red-shark I am here to share my small success story. After my divorce earlier in the year I experienced ED a number of times and was, honestly, freaked out. It happened once and I didn’t really think much of it but the 2nd & 3rd time, when I really wanted to have sex, I sought help and found Mojo!

I honestly feel like the pelvic floor strengthening was a huge benefit in regards to my erection performance helped me last longer during sex. That being said I know I was spectatoring and had a hefty critic. That being said it is hard to pinpoint exactly what helped but the combination of all the lessons and exercises help and I feel my confidence coming back! Not to say I don’t still have some ED anxiety and that it couldn’t happen again but I feel I have tools now.

Mojo has really addressed more than just my few issues. It has also given me a new perspective around sex and intimacy. My partners have picked up on my playfulness and how I am approaching sex more relaxed and open.

Maybe the shitty part of going through ED leads us to something even better with patience, persistence, self-love, and a little vulnerability.

I am rooting for you!


I’m on day 3 of this program, and already having success! My previous two attempts at having sex with my wife we’re total failures; couldn’t keep an erection at all. I was disgusted with myself, and my wife (who’s primary love language is physical touch) was feeling unloved and unwanted. I’ve had this problem with psychological ED for the last 6 months or so. The previous two failures were after returning home from a month away in Oklahoma for my job. One would expect to be ready for sex after that.
So I started this program on Monday, and have been diligently working through it. Last night I was able to silence my inner critic and stay hard the entire time! I did catch myself trying to spectate though, and quickly put a stop to it as well.
This program has been insightful!


After multiple unsuccessful ONS, and multiple unsuccessful nights with my current partner, last night I finally had sex again. This came after my self esteem, confidence and hope was at (what might of been)an all time low just a matter of a few weeks/months ago.

Mojo really does work if you 100 percent trust and believe the process. The absolute most important part of the process I found was the mindfulness aspect of the course taught through the meditations. I realized that I didn’t have a physical problem, and that my anxiety about sex and getting it up was itself the interfering factor.

The mindfulness tools I was taught helped me loosen the grip of the negative and anxious thoughts I experienced, wholly because of the learnt awareness which enabled me to navigate away from these thoughts to enjoy the present moment during sexual encounters.

In hindsight, I would not choose to change my experience with dealing with, and overcoming performance anxiety and psychological ED, . Perhaps because of it, I have been reminded of the significance of remaining present, vulnerability and communication in all aspects of life.


I had erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation since I was 17 years.

Now I am 27 I can speak proudly I have fixed it.

At the lowest point in my life, I stopped believing that I could ever have real sex.

But I didn’t stop fighting. After a lot of work on myself (changing my way of thinking and masturbating) I managed to get and obtain an erection.
Now I can say that I can have sex without having to worry not getting it up or coming to quick.

If somebody wants to connect I would be glad to help with what helped me in the past.



How do you stop the inner critic? Just curious. For me my mind starts thinking all the questions. But how do i stop it?

Hey Yuriy, plz can you share the specifics of what worked for you to achieve long term success? What techniques did you use to address the psychological components and anxiety? What did you change about the way you self pleasure?

I too have struggled w ED since 16 when first attempting sex. I previously had overcome it with an internal mantra just telling myself that “everything works.” It took months, but ultimately worked. This happened w most partners at the beginning of a new relationship, but once resolved w a given partner, it stayed resolved. Now fast forward a few decades and it’s showing up in the middle of my marriage and I’m struggling to overcome it. Any tips and techniques would help. I want to be able to have sex without restrictions or hang ups with the woman I’ve committed to spending my life with!


In response to your post below, I’d love to learn more about your journey.

If you could share more about what particular exercises and techniques you used to cure your condition, I think it would be eye opening to this community, myself included who has a similar story to what you shared below.

Thank you!

I’m 31 now and have been dealing since my first experience as a teenager. Curious if mojo helped u finally get over it or if outside therapy was involved.

Hey there I would like to talk about a breakthrough that I had 2 days ago. I met this girl through Tinder about a week ago and we clicked immediately and so we started hanging out almost everyday after the first date.
Then last Friday we were getting intimate and I of course could not get it up. And so I told her that this is all me and that I’m nervous and it will come later. She was very understanding.
But it happened again on Monday and I could tell that she was a bit worried about our whole situation because of this so things became a little shaky.
Come Tuesday and I was thinking about the progress I made on this app and what I really thought from the beginning would be helpful was telling the person the full truth. Because what I told on Friday was only part of it.
So I told her that I have performance anxiety and that it really bothers me mentally and I don’t know how to handle it. And this is where I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and her reaction to this really helped and I was surprised as to how understanding a person could be about this. She simply told me while kissing: “you enjoy this right? Well then we are in no rush anywhere just focus on this I’m having such a great time as it is” and then everything just clicked.
So long story short just tell your partner whatever it is that is bothering you and not letting you get an erection and i promise it will help so much! Most people are more understanding than you think and so it’s worth to tell them because it will make both of you more comfortable.
Best of luck to you!


Yes it would be so helpful to connect. My story is the same as yours. I met a girl recently I am completely in love with but the first 3 times we tried to have sex I struggled to keep and even get hard. Super depressing. I can tell the app is starting to help but I want to make sure I’m successful.