Success Stories?

I was wondering if there were some success stories people can share or progress that has been made since joining.

It would be encouraging to hear at a point thing feel so hopless.

Like many here I was experiencing psychological ED (mainly performance anxiety & spectatoring). My specific situation was a bit different than many as my wife and I are in the Lifestyle (i.e. swinging) so I knew my issues were psychological since I had no issues when with my long term wife or myself alone. However, the negative aspects of ED with new partners was just as impactful (embarrassment, catastrophizing, subconsciously avoiding situations, etc). I started the program earlier this year. While there was a desire for quick results, I persisted in following the program completely. Improvements came slowly over around 2-3 months, but can say that I consider myself cured. I still have stray negative thoughts and I continue doing the meditations a few times a week, but have had around half a dozen successful encounters over the last two months. Follow the program…it works!


Love this post! I have been using for a few weeks now but already feel I am making headway. I haven’t had the chance to test it out with a partner but regardless of the outcome I know I am on the right path thanks to Mojo.

I am only a week in and have already seen improvement, I am super happy with the small successes to date.

Recognizing and telling the inner critic to fuck off, stopping spectating and the meditation have been super helpful.

I am still a bit nervous about dating again and putting it into practice with a partner, but i am not going to rush that until i feel confident with myself.

I am glad i found Mojo!