Best Mojo Exercises

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering what exercises from the Mojo course people have found the most beneficial for ED?

I’ve struggled with getting and maintaining an erection for the past 7 years so am mainly wanting to target exercises that help with that. I’ve finished the Mojo course in terms of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc. but now that it’s free reign I am finding it hard to know what to do next and to keep progressing?

What has helped you the most?

  • Breathing and meditating
  • Soft penis play
  • Less wanking
  • Mindfulness
  • Something else?

Curious to hear what’s been the most beneficial. I’m sure there are a number of people in similar shoes.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I may not be the very best guy to answer this question since I have explored the mojo resources for a few months but because of work I have had limited time to explore all of the exercises. I do however want to offer a general perspective that the meditation training has changed my life for the better in a few ways, reducing my anxiety about getting a boner (kind of the main problem for me) and also beneficially affecting my life in terms of offering an avenue of training that gves me more control of my mind and puts me in my body in the here and now. So the general mojo approach I think is beneficial and while for me no one thing has “solved” my psychological ED, anything that improves your life and makes you happier and more alive and aware of your potential and how to fulfill it can’t help but to increase your hardness. Another little thing for us: stopping masturbation with climax- that is, learning the control necessary to masturbate that way, without losing your cookies- definitely helps to improve hardness and makes you more sensitive to sexual stimuli

Breathing and meditating for sure

I started mindful meditation with Headspace before finding Mojo and I believe there is a lot of overlap between the ideas of letting go of thoughts and being present in the moment found in mindful meditation, and what I think helps me with my erections (letting go of thoughts, focusing on physical sensations). The pelvic floor stretching and strengthening (Kegels) exercises seem to also be a concrete way to improve the physical processes around erections. I found the recorded therapy helpful conceptually as well. Because of the nature/origin of my ED, I think therapeutic help has been absolutely essential. I’ve found narratives that explain what’s gone wrong with me, my body, and my mind help me conceptualize what needs to happen to make things right.

kegels… get after those too…

Mindful masturbation I think has been monumental in helping me. Prior to Mojo it almost felt like sex and masturbation was happening externally outside of my body and while it felt good, I was relying on visual stimulation almost exclusively. Now most of the time I masturbate it’s a meditative experience where I’m really zoning in on being present in my body and paying attention to how I feel. This has translated almost immediately to the bedroom. My body is used to paying attention to sensations which helps me get out of my head.

I’ve found the therapy session podcasts to be insightful and relatable to my own issues. For excercises i like the body scan and visualization meditations

Breathing and meditation will help prevent overthinking.

Does anyone know how or cancel the free trial?

Hey @careful-gray-locust.

You can go to your account to manage your membership:

If you have any problems, you can email our support team:

I hope you found what you were looking for during your trial. Let us know if there was anything we didn’t help you with :blush:

Practicing orgasm or masturbation without ejaculation always multiplies my other efforts in terms of longer duration of erections, and frequency. That being said, after hours or days pass, when I finally release, I let it go. Kind of like an interesting experiment — no expectations.

I’ve literally just started so I don’t know much about the courses. But I will say that I can hear and detect the frantic tone in your message and the stress you are feeling. I guess we’re all here for the same reason and we’re all frantic and desperate. It kind of sounds like you need to review all of the material because it hasn’t gone in because you’re still so tense and anxious. I’d suggest maybe mindfulness/breathing/mediating to bring that anxiety again, and then going through the exercises sequentially to try and absorb them. Maybe over time through repetition, like working out, it’ll come through. Good luck Brother!

Breathing, meditating, and kegals - I’ve started to work these into my daily routine and it’s really been helping.
My wife is also aware of the situation, and she joins me in the breathing and meditating exercises sometimes.

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I’ve recently joined Mojo, but unfortunately for Mojo I won’t be staying around long because I’ve seen a big improvement already! I feel like I’m at 70-80% functionality right now, which is enough to get by for now. I think it’ll improve with time. I think a few things helped. I’ve been in therapy for anxiety for most of my life and I feel I’ve seen so many of the techniques that they don’t work very well any more. I also went on Viagra (sildendafil) for a while but it stopped working for me.

What happened for me was that by joining Mojo it finally clicked in my head that it was psychological and not physical. Even after my Dr gave me a full physical and blood test I doubted them (and I trust Drs usually). Just joining Mojo and watched the intro videos, then looking through the content and courses I suddenly felt supported. There was a group session the next day and I joined up. The group session was amazing. I saw all the people affected and heard their stories. In particular I remember seeing this young, muscular, good looking guy and hearing him briefly talk about his problems made me think “If he’s having trouble then it’s something affecting everyone”. He’s the guy I want to look like but he’s having issues. Also a lot of religious or ex-religious guys. It began hammering home how psychological this is and I felt very supported.

When I first got ED (10+ years ago) I would take 20 mg sildendafil (1 tablet, a low dose) and it would be ok. The ED went away on its own when I got stable with a gf soon later but came back when we broke up 6 years later and I’ve needed sildendafil to have any kind of sex for the last 4+ years. I started feeling broken and my ED got worse, so I upped my dose to 30 or 40 mg (1.5 or 2 tablets, a moderate-lowish dose). I sometimes wouldn’t get hard on that.

Days after my experience on Mojo and I was a rockstar on 10mg (half a tablet) and a few times have been good with no Viagra at all. I’m going to keep a bottle of Viagra in my bedside drawer just so I know it’s there for support, but I don’t need it anymore.

Another thing which helped was a non-SSRI antidepressant. My Dr recommended and prescribed it because it sometime works well for anxiety and doesn’t have the ED side effect which some SSRIs have. The drug is Burspirone. It’s known for being very mild (in some people not working) and having few side effects. I’m not going to push drugs but I’m putting forward the things which I think helped. It takes 2-4 weeks to kick in and I started having more success with ED around week 4 (when I joined Mojo).

I also turned a corner in trusting and loving my gf, and being open with her around about this time. After joining Mojo and seeing the guys being open, I then opened up a little about my issues with my gf and that helped. I didn’t even say much, but that little bit was a lot to me. She also reassured me about how much she enjoys the sex and I actually believed her for once.

I’m pretty active, high stress login hours, gym 3 times a week, but don’t eat as good as I should (time). Medium/slim/athletic build. Overall good health. Mid 30s.

The summarize - Opening up, accepting this is psychological, and accepting myself, really helped. The group session helped a lot. I think buspirone helped a lot too. I didn’t end up doing many of the exercises but I knowing they are there really helped a lot. I’d imagine the visualizing one would help a lot and I’m going to try that one soon to push me further. I think after a few more sessions with my gf where it all goes well without the Viagra I think I’ll improve further.

Good luck everyone and I’ll be here to discuss further for a while.

Hi, Im very happy for you!! Im also taking buspirone 3x5mg a day and I noticed is helping a little but I’ve been on it only for 2 weeks and Im getting morning erections that were gone for a while I guess because of my anxiety!!! the doctor said it’s a low dose so my body will get used to medication that way he can increase it as needed.
How many mg are you taking right now?
Congratulations again on your achievements!!

Breathing and meditating, directed masturbation

Overall, the greatest benefit of this app is providing logic and reasoning as to why I or others struggled in the past. For me, breathing and meditation has helped me to ‘stay out of my head’ and focused on the present moment.

I also listen to a podcast called the mindset mentor. It helps with explaining why you shouldn’t be anxious or fearful etc.
These are all topics that compliment the direction of the journey you’re on.

I think key for me was to understand why the initial “incident” happened. For me, it was not having a condom and that I’d have to decline pentrative sex. That was couple with drinking a lot and was enduring a fasting diet. When you realise that one incident was the trigger for subsequent incidents and you understand it’s never going to be that way, it’s immediately a weight lifted off your shoulders and you can look forward again to intimacy.

Thankfully, while I wasn’t equipped with the knowledge of this app with the girl I initially had issues with, I was able to maintain full erections with subsequent girls and has changed everything for the better.

Trust the process. Everything will be normal very soon.

I just finished the full courses recently but have revisited the meditations a lot, specifically the visualizations and the breathing. Doing 2 for 1 breathing helps restore my presence in the moment. Also, the soft penis play and being more mindful with masturbation (i.e. avoiding the death grip) have boosted my confidence and sensitivity too

what are these kegels people are talking about? and im really looking forward to starting daily meditation just dont know a good guided video or audio to return to every day, can anyone recommend a youtube video or something please :slight_smile:

The meditation has helped a lot and suggestions around the inner critic and spectatoring. I also madturbate in the morning only as its more likely to get hard first thing but I rarely cum so as to keep testosterone levels up. Hope that helps.