Best Mojo Exercises

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering what exercises from the Mojo course people have found the most beneficial for ED?

I’ve struggled with getting and maintaining an erection for the past 7 years so am mainly wanting to target exercises that help with that. I’ve finished the Mojo course in terms of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc. but now that it’s free reign I am finding it hard to know what to do next and to keep progressing?

What has helped you the most?

  • Breathing and meditating
  • Soft penis play
  • Less wanking
  • Mindfulness
  • Something else?

Curious to hear what’s been the most beneficial. I’m sure there are a number of people in similar shoes.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I may not be the very best guy to answer this question since I have explored the mojo resources for a few months but because of work I have had limited time to explore all of the exercises. I do however want to offer a general perspective that the meditation training has changed my life for the better in a few ways, reducing my anxiety about getting a boner (kind of the main problem for me) and also beneficially affecting my life in terms of offering an avenue of training that gves me more control of my mind and puts me in my body in the here and now. So the general mojo approach I think is beneficial and while for me no one thing has “solved” my psychological ED, anything that improves your life and makes you happier and more alive and aware of your potential and how to fulfill it can’t help but to increase your hardness. Another little thing for us: stopping masturbation with climax- that is, learning the control necessary to masturbate that way, without losing your cookies- definitely helps to improve hardness and makes you more sensitive to sexual stimuli

Breathing and meditating for sure

I started mindful meditation with Headspace before finding Mojo and I believe there is a lot of overlap between the ideas of letting go of thoughts and being present in the moment found in mindful meditation, and what I think helps me with my erections (letting go of thoughts, focusing on physical sensations). The pelvic floor stretching and strengthening (Kegels) exercises seem to also be a concrete way to improve the physical processes around erections. I found the recorded therapy helpful conceptually as well. Because of the nature/origin of my ED, I think therapeutic help has been absolutely essential. I’ve found narratives that explain what’s gone wrong with me, my body, and my mind help me conceptualize what needs to happen to make things right.

kegels… get after those too…

Mindful masturbation I think has been monumental in helping me. Prior to Mojo it almost felt like sex and masturbation was happening externally outside of my body and while it felt good, I was relying on visual stimulation almost exclusively. Now most of the time I masturbate it’s a meditative experience where I’m really zoning in on being present in my body and paying attention to how I feel. This has translated almost immediately to the bedroom. My body is used to paying attention to sensations which helps me get out of my head.

I’ve found the therapy session podcasts to be insightful and relatable to my own issues. For excercises i like the body scan and visualization meditations