Try this! It worked for me. Don't avoid

Hey guys. I just wanted to share my story. I basically couldn’t get hard during sex. I started using mojo and it helped me realize that it was psychological. This gave me a boost of confidence. So took a step back and analyzed what I could do. Basically it’s performance anxiety. In the past, I used to be scared about public speaking but what helped was just being calm and doing it. The more I did it, the better I became. That’s the recipe. So I spoke to my girlfriend and told her that it’s just anxiety and it had nothing to do with her. I want to keep trying even though we may fail.

So what worked.
Basically, me and my girlfriend kept trying everyday to have sex. I wasn’t able to get hard at all in the first couple of days. However, I would still pleasure my girlfriend and make sure she finishes which gave me relief. Then after a few days, I started getting a little hard but it didn’t last. It was frustrating, but I kept pushing. Then finally, a week into it, I was comfortable, not anxious, and was able to have sex. The next time I had sex, laughed in my head, because I knew it was just my head and didn’t panic, boom, had sex again. So basically this routine was the cure. Just consistently trying and exposing yourself till you fix yourself.

Like mojo says, anxiety is just our body trying to help ourselves. But we have to let our body know that we are not in a perceived danger and rewire our bad memories.
Adding this post so hopefully someone sees it and it helps. Open communication with your significant other and showing up to try over and over again was the cure that did it for me. Remember, anxiety by itself isn’t bad, it’s the avoidance that we follow up with, that’s usually bad.


Thank you so much for this testimony. It has indeed encouraged me to keep trying and not avoid it.


Dude I completely agree with you about trying even though you’re having issues. That must have been super challenging to get back those first few days but it payed off! I’m inspired


I’m 60 yrs old and I’ve been trying for 3 months and still no solid erection. We don’t have intercourse.
So, does MOJO really work?

My gf is ready to help me out on this one - simple but very important advice and addition to what I’ve learned using mojo.
Thanks man :muscle:t2:

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Thanks man been struggling with confidence lately 23 yr old been struggling a lot with finances and work and life so I’ve been highly stressed which I suspect has been playing a part in my Ed gonna have sexy times with the girlfriend later gonna pace myself

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Exactly what helped me also, except that I persevere with different partners and I became a good lover-
I had my first failure at 17 years old with my sweetheart. It was devastating, that experience has cause me so much anxiety all my life-
With my first wife it was ok, but after 10 years the doubt and negativity did revisited me and I’m sure my marriage ended partly becouse of the anxiety-
Things got better when I realised that physically I’m ok but the episode at 17 haunted me- Also I had a religious problem and as a child religion taught me no to masturbation and sex is only for procreation- I use to feel dirty and guilty doing sex with my wife, it was terrible- Now I’m 75 years old and finally can have fun and enjoy a normal encounter with my partner-
DONT GIVE UP, DONT AVOID, Find the right partner willing to understand what men go through when they want to perform


This post really resonates with me and its exactly the issues I’m having. I’m a 37 year old and sex hasn’t been frequent or good since our second kid was born nearly 4 years ago. I built up a lot of anxiety over that time and essentially felt like I lost practice, with a few bad experiences it only got worse and the anxiety levels were high. It felt like I was in a loop, anytime I tried and failed it would make my anxiety worse. My wife was very patient at the start and understanding but its wearing thin. She still loves me and says the right things but has not wanted to keep trying to guard herself from getting hurt and to protect me. However I have expressed that if we don’t keep trying, it will be hard for me to get over the anxiety but she’s got to the point where that doesn’t help her and how it impacts her when it goes wrong. So I’m at a bit of a loss. I want to try, but I always feel I will disappoint and then we are back to square 1! I’m new to mojo, any advice on which exercises I should be trying and what I should focus on to get me over the anxiety??

I’m 64, so I understand your frustration. Please do make sure the basics are still working like testosterone levels and importantly free testosterone at our age. Once you know the status of your normal decline of the body with age you can proceed with confidence on the psychological aspects with some confidence. Don’t give up hope. Mojo is the positive environment for you to find your way, it’s not a solution in itself. You are the solution in good time.

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I have my serious doubts i.e if you have vascular problems down there i dont think any of mojos solutions will work…

Very encouraging, thank you so much for sharing!!

This 1000% sounds like a mojo intern writing this

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I say talk to your wife. Tell her you are very turned on by her but you need get over your anxiety. In order to do that, you have to keep trying everyday. That exercise will naturally help you. Consistency is the key here. Also, if you don’t finish, make sure she does. After she cums, that will naturally make you feel good, relieved, and even raise your confidence. That momentum should help ya get going.