Worried it's not psychological

I’ve had ED for years I believe due to anxiety and no consistent partner only some situationships mainly due to work etc. Last casual relationship was three months ago and consistently had sex at max 85% erection but still penatrative. I’ve recently met and started dating my new girlfriend so hoped on the app to improve things and been here two weeks.

We are taking it slow with things at current (no p in v sex until a week from now) and I notice I have consistent arousal not necessarily full erections when making out even talking sometimes. However during oral I was max 75% but consistently up, I say unlikely enough to penetrate. Also I enjoyed it but it wasn’t particularly sensitive. I have been probably hard enough on some occasions.

My concern is solo or during wax n wane / sensate I’m often 20% max. I have completed wax and wane twice fully (third erection 85%) and maybe twice more with only moderate success and a couple zero. I do this mostly in the morning when I’m most confident.

I was concerned it’s physical due to believing I’m just not sensitive and it’s nerve damage or something as solo doesnt feel like much. I have in the past mastibate and not bothered working at full erection just focused on ejaculations. However since being on the app I’ve noticed morning wood for the last 4 nights with full erection. Wouldn’t make much sense if there was damage or physical health issues. Dr did bloods and that was all good.

Unsure what is wrong as I’m clearly turned on by my girlfriend but worried that not being able to get it up solo consistently if it’s not morning says something… I can satisfy her in other ways as that’s all we have done so far it’s been successful.

Basically just don’t want to have this ruin my new relationship with someone I have genuine feelings for. A bit annoyed I never dealt with it either.

Any thoughts?

Sounds psychological to me. You’re a little in your head, so keep doing the exercises and focus on the now. That’s what matters, the sensations will come back

The first question my doctor asked was whether or not you’re getting morning wood, or any erection at anytime. If you do, then it’s probably not a physical problem.

Which is where I am.

You might be in your head, or porn may be affecting the reward centers of your brain, or both. If you’re watching any porn, then check out the Ted Talk on the porn experiment. And stick with the program, it can definitely get better.