Erection issues with new partners

Hi, I have no problem getting an erection with my ex partner. But when I am with a new partner nothing is happening at all. I get morning wood, if I want to masturbate No problems, just when I am with a new partner. Any one else?


Yes, I have the same situation. I’ve even h

Yes, I have the same situation. I have even had some repeat performances with my ex to confirm that things still work with her.

I’ve just started mojo, but I do think I’ve seen some positive impact. Also, I was relieved to get some confirmation, from the app content and community, that the issue was quite likely mental given that everything works normally in other situations, like when I wake up.

I hope this helps you too.


Yup. Same. Dealing with it now. Lucky enough to have an understanding partner, but for whatever reason I’m getting in my head when with her. Now I’ve learned just to relax and have no expectations. Whatever happens happens. And although not perfect I’ve had success over last few weeks. But what I’ve learned is you start stressing and getting frustrated with yourself - you got no shot. So now if I loose my erection, I just breath and stay calm, and in most cases it eventually works out.