No erection with super beautiful new partner

I’ve been with a new partner for the last month. she is incredibly gorgeous, and has an equally wonderful personality and intelligence. She comes from quite a privileged background. We have hit it off in most domains really well. We have tried to have sex on four occasions, and each time I have had erection problems, sometimes, to the extent that sex is completely impossible, I’ve managed to engage in penetration twice.

My 20 year marriage ended a year and a half ago, and I had no erection problems then. I’ve had a few sexual partners since, and mostly have had no erection problems apart from one other particular night. The girl I was with before this new Partner was quite plain, but the sex we had was wild, and the best of my life. So I came into this new relationship feeling very confident.

I feel that my current problems relate to putting my new Partner way up on a pedestal and feeling some degree of anxiety about my inadequacy, although I must say a lot of this is not particularly conscious. It seems bizarre as she is incredibly beautiful and I feel very turned on by her so it’s strange to not be able to get Recht. She has been very compassionate and understanding, but I fear the relationship won’t progress if this keeps happening

Has anyone else had this experience? Any advice? I’m 48 yrs old and very fit and healthy and am sure it’s psychological.


Yeah but my psychological issues stop me from ever getting to the penetrative state. I’m too in my head. I had a chance to get with a certifiable 20 on a 1 to 10 scale. The type of girl you get stunned with when you first meet. After work one night we were hooking up and I kept thinking how I wasn’t going to preform. It’s all I could think about. Then she finally said, “Do you have a condom?” I froze. I said, “No” but wanted to talk and cuddle. That was nice but I wish I had the confidence to say , “You don’t need a condom to suck my cock.” I think we’ll be able to get our sex lives back. We just need to work on ourselves by being honest and having the courage to look at our baggage and process whatever trauma we have. Good luck bro. I have faith you’ll be knocking it back with that pretty lil thing in no time. Also, if she doesn’t stick around, then just let it go and move forward.