Will it ever happen

i’m 18 so ik im young for this kind of stuff but i’ve had the chance to have sex/oral sex in the past year 2-3 times and everytime i cant manage to get an erection i hear about guys my age just looking at girls and they get an erection and i’m here who can’t even get hard when a girl wants me.

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Mate this is a very wrong way of thinking. I am pretty much like you, a year older. Please work on your mindset and try to chill. Don’t believe the image the society want to have for us, it’s unrealistic and unhealthy. We both got this


You gotta see what it is that you like, im 26 and if im being honest emotional intimacy is what really gets me going. But considering everyone i’ve been emotionally intimate with has done me wrong its very difficult to just “lust” over women.