I'm 18 and can't keep an erection

I first has this issue when I was 15 but then was in a long relationship and after a while was fine and never had any issue keeping it up so I know I don’t have erectile dysfunction. I eat relatively clean, go to the gym, and never watch porn so I think my issue is completely mental

Ive started seeing this girl I really like however I can’t seem to keep it up. I have no issue getting hard or even staying hard for a while however when it gets to the moment where im going to have sex it always seems to go. ive had sex with her once but I didn’t have a full erection the whole time.

I feel like my issue is whenever I get hard I almost think there’s like a timer on before it starts to go soft, so if I don’t start having sex immediately I get worried the timer will run out then I get in my head and lose my erection. I know my issue is all mental and there is nothing physically wrong with me.

Has anyone experienced the same thing and got any tips or quick fixes I can do to help with this?


Thats the exact problem I have. No Problem with erections when Penetration is not an option, like we are in the shower, but don’t have condom nearby. Only when sex really is on the table and I know its going to happen know my erection goes soft often. Most of the time when pulling over the condom.

With mojo I know am able to sometimes keep my erection and have sex again. Not for very long and not the hardest, but at least a little closer to the goal :smiley:

I think its all about learning to relax and letting go of the pressure. But that takes practice.


I’m also 18 and in the same boat, completely healthy but just can’t stay hard. It’s a lot harder to get hard in the first place than it used to be, but the real problem comes when we start having sex and I go soft inside. I’ve tried different positions including case only missionary gave me anxiety, but it seems inevitable, like you said with the timer. I have a girlfriend who is now almost constantly horny and I feel like I can’t satisfy her. The stress and anxiety have made it so that my libido is extraordinarily low, we haven’t had sex in days and I’m still not horny, so it is really worrying me.