Who wants to talk about bottoming?!

I know this app and community are all about ED but I consider myself vers and often have just as much trouble bottoming as I do topping. I imagine it’s for similar reasons to the ED- anxiety, lack of flexibility and physical control, etc. It’s probably a stretch to expect that mojo will incorporate bottoming into their programming but I wonder who else might be interested in exploring this?


+1 - it’s actually what led me to this app. I see many similarities between the fear of bottoming and ED

I do! I used to get hard from bottoming, would often orgasm/ejaculate simultaneously with my partner.

Now I struggle with it, especially if it isn’t someone I know well and feel really comfortable with. I’m in a 10 year open relationship with my fiancée, and while I can sometimes get hard from bottoming and get off that way with him, I struggle to get hard and stay hard while bottoming for anyone else.

I also used to be able to flip from bottoming to topping or vice versa quite easily. Now if I bottom it often kills my erection, even though I find the physical sensation very enjoyable.