Who are your male role models?

I am inspired by a friend who chooses to date who he is attracted to, not who is beautiful by societies standards, and he engages with the kink community with curiosity and no shame or guilt

People who are intelligent, kind and humble, but at the same time clearly successful. Obama, Keanu Reeves. People in my life who stop what they’re doing to notice and attend to others and help them: my father in law and my boss are both this type of person.

My older cousin is a male role model to me. He is incredibly hard working and driven no matter how much struggle he seems to face, even successfully going through medical school while being there for his girlfriend and their newborn baby girl. On top of all of that, which I’m sure is incredibly stressful and not easy in the slightest, he always has the brightest and most out there sense of humor, like he isn’t worried at all and just knows things will fall into place.

I’d like to be someone who’s confident in the way he talks and expresses his emotions. Someone who knows about many topics but is humble, not pretentious about it. Someone who is curious about others and enjoys learning new stuff.

My two close friends. They exude confidence sexually

Eddie Hall, world’s strongest man. Just a fun guy that happens to be 300+ pounds.

My uncle and my brother. They are both hard workers and it is always nice having good conversations with them. I appreciate how open my uncle is to talk about anything. I want to try and be more in touch with my emotions so I can talk to others about them if I need it.