Who are your male role models?

My Grandad, he achieved so much in his life and had so many experiences. He had a lasting marriage, family and was very humble and not at all athletic or macho.

Sadly, I think my role models have mainly been bodybuilders and porn stars, and this has messed me up. Otherwise, I have no role models nowadays

Jon Bin Jovi. He’s a great musician who’s not afraid to be vulnerable.

Two American comedians named Akaash Singh and Andrew Schulz. They talk very openly about their erection problems and it hasn’t stopped them having wives or fulfilling lives. They use their comedy to make fun of the issue and the struggles that accompany it.

Adrian Grenier. Zach Bush.

Is it weird that being gay I don’t really see a lot of men being my role models? I don’t feel any pressure to be manly except in physical appearance and in the bedroom really (and one is to get you into the bedroom).

I don’t have role models. I pretty much do what I want to do

I have slowly found that most of the people I look up to are not actively having sex either. Mostly because thier partner is ill or suffers from. Cancer or they have passed away.

Cesare and Napoleón , full confident with no fear of failure

Roy Keane, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds. There’s more, but these three just seem to be so confident in themselves, funny and serious (more so in Roy’s case) and just unabashedly themselves.

Machine Gun Kelly- Authentic, being himself even when criticized, unashamed, rowdy, rebellious. Eventhough public would often criticize him, that doesnt stop him from being himself and doing what he does.

Timothee Chalamet- Unique, handsome. Not traditionally masculine. Owns his attitude whatever it may be. Works hard

Eminem- Not afraid to be himself and say anything

2pac- Man of heart and courage. Would not put his head down for anyone, would stand steadfast and ready to die to his values and beliefs.

2pac because he shows maximum masculinity. Also 19keys he’s on a high level too.

They are leaders, confident speakers and have huge influence. The type of men that can go in any setting and own the room.

Cornel West