Who are your male role models?

What kind of qualities do you admire in them and why?

Barack Obama.

Jock Willink
The man that can do it all.

My wife’s boyfriend Gabe. He knows what he wants and does it no matter the consequences. He lives life on his terms.

Roger Federer. Genuine. Happy. Authentic. Humble.

I can’t think of anyone I know as a role model


My dad, he is insanely smart, and quick witted and not afraid of speeking his mind

Beau Miles, a down to earth guy living on a farm, his way, making films his way - every day is his own and he has a lovely young family in

I don’t really have any now. When I was a kid it was my older brother. He was bigger, stronger, smarter, he had a lot of friends, he was kind, he volunteered with children, special needs and elderly. He was someone I looked up to but he was also capable of showing his vulnerable side. I admired all those qualities from him.

Ryan reynolds. Smart, funny, humble, deeply loving his wife.

S Jaishankar- Indian External affairs minister. excellent Communicator, always maintains his cool and courageous enough to give befitting reply.

Jordan Peterson

Barack Obama. Dominic Fike. Kyrie Irving. Those guys just live life they way they want to live.

Keanu Reaves

Ryan Reynolds. Confident, funny, loves his wife and family deeply, hugely successful but without arrogance.


Two teachers I have. They both are smart, knowledgeable and confident about themselves

Ones who aren’t afraid to show their sexuality. One that comes to mind is Leslie Cheung, my dad’s idol.

Hugh fearnley-whittingstall (river cottage). He had a dream about a self sustaining plot of land, and a fun time experiencing other aspects of rural life, and boy did he embrace it.

Ryan Reynolds, or at least the roles he plays. Seems like he doesn’t care what people think about him, and comes off cool just being himself.