Who are your male role models?

I will take home this as an assignment to think about someone.

My dad. Strong, smart, funny, but also generous with his time and money. Hard working. Caring to his family.

Chadwick Boseman (RIP)
He had a quiet confidence to him

David Goggins, incredible endurance athlete and navy seal. Motivates people to take control of their mind and inspires us to all be our best self. He challenges us to “harden” the mind through hard work and that our goals are possible with the right mindset.

Don’t have any, I guess this is why I believe all the stereo types

Jordan Peterson

I think role models aren’t useful, everyone has different lives, set your own goals that make sense for you

Nardo Wick. He’s a wicked witch and he’s got 99 problems that are all :dog2:

Don’t really have any, but generally I admire those who appear to live their lives according to what they want instead of what they should do.

Richard Branson is someone who I admire as he has had huge success but done so without conforming to other people’s stereotypes of what a business leader should be / look like or how they should act. He starts his day with tennis and kite surfing. Very inspirational!

Pedro Pascal. He is a sexy daddy but not afraid to be emotional and goofy at times.


Neymar jr

My ex wife’s father. He was a very intelligent kind, generous and considerate man.

Me and who I used to be. Just full of confidence

Russell Tovey

Mark Manson - encourages one to live authentically!

My brother

Link. He is quiet but confident, humble yet capable, fearless yet gentle, always kind yet never a pushover. He is self-actualized and strong, and uses that to make things better for others.

Neymar Jr