Supporting a Mojo Member

Dear Robert P.,

We spoke briefly in one of the breakout rooms in a recent community zoom meeting.

Your story is a difficult one and you demonstrate courage in sharing it.

I believe you can overcome your story. You already have overcome it in at least one case.

Anyways, here’s me trying to help…

A thought you may find helpful:

It’s highly likely there are many men here who had very supporting and loving parents, yet they are still here, struggling with various forms of erectile dysfunction. I would be one of them - I had great parents growing up and yet here I am.

So you see, whether a boy/young man had a good parental relationship or one like yours…it doesn’t seem to matter. To me, this knowledge is incredibly powerful.

With this evidence in mind, maybe it is an opportunity to forgive and let go. Or just let go. Whatever is right for you.

I sense that now is an opportunity for you to create a new story. What would your new story be? If you could let go of the past, who are you now?

My hope is that you create a new story, one that fills you with hope, confidence, and courage. A story that you repeat to yourself daily.

I have faith that you can be the man you wish to be. You don’t need anyone’s permission, you can simply reach out and take what’s yours.

Hang in there and keep showing up. You’ll discover the answers as long as you keep digging



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Thanks for that share Michael. I was really touched at the end of the meeting when you folks put up your hands in solidarity. I hope to see you again soon in another meeting.