Who are your male role models?

I think my father is the center of my male role model. His examples and the human being his is mold most of my behavior. Also the sense of right and wrong of the mundane people helps me to define the man I want to be.

My father is one. He is quiet but shows his love for his family through his actions, like cooking meals and doing other things for us.


I like myself

I admire my father

My friend B is. Smart, hard working, adventurous, loves family, carefree, outgoing, and still seems easy going and not stressed. All the qualities I strive for in my life.


I"ve never had a male role model both my father and step father are very passive which i cannot admire in the sense that i wish to base my vieuws on it. It’s weird but i practically worship the finnish Soldier Lauri Törne as a man of pure perseverance.

Like most my father, he has some work to do on some scripts that may be a bit new age for him eg men showing emotion etc but he is unapologetically himself, doesn’t see any reason he should change that for anyone and essentially does what he wants when he wants and takes what he feels should be his. I believe males in our generation have gone more the opposite direction as it is expectations of society put on us