What would you say to someone who has experienced erection issues for the first time?

I would encourage them to reflect on the situation and what made it different from all the times they did get it up. think about ways to emulate all the other times moving forward rather than the one in which it didnt go well.

Don’t worry it’s completely normal, relax, and enjoy in other ways. Your pleasure shouldn’t be from their reaction

I know the feeling. It is scary and I wish I could say I have the solution, but I guess I appreciate you talking about it.

It happens to many people. Speak to your GP, and family and friends who you are able to confide in. Also speak to your partner.

dont trip bro u gonna be aite

Humans are unpredictable, and no one is perfect. This will not happen every time, and this situation can be worked upon by getting out of your head in the moment.

I would reassure them and share my own similar experiences.

WELCOME TO REAL LIFE. We all live here.

Search for a proper solution. There is no reason for you to keep this to yourself.

Dont obsess over it. I’ve done that and it doesnt help. you are not alone. it is way more common than you think. Be kind to yourself!

Don’t be hard on yourself out there are a lot of guys having the same issue, just look for help and don’t over think it

This is something that happens to everyone sometimes, don’t be stressed over it. And try to enjoy the moment thinking in your own desire.

It happens to everyone at some point in time

It’s good to know I am not alone. However unique I feel my set of circumstances are.

Don’t immediately turn it into a long-term chronic problem. It might have just been a situational thing. It doesn’t mean it will happen next time.

It’s probably just a mental thing- the more you overthink it the more it might be an issue

Don’t let it consume you. Move past it and just acceot that your body is working the way its supposed to. Dont give up!

Give yourself a break. Honestly it’s not necessary to aim negativity your own way for something that happened out of your control. TV is vastly exergerated and you should focus more on what’s not present to make you feel comfortable and take measures to make yourself more comfortable another time. Lie together a bit, focus on the intimacy and be okay with the fact that an erection can take time to build up. Be in the moment with your partner and let that chemistry be the aim.

You’re definitely not alone. Try different things and hopefully you have partners that are supportive through this as well. A supportive partner(s) is half of the battle already taken care of. And I also wouldn’t get too comparative based on what other methods different people are using. I’m currently taking Cialis, and I’m quite young. It’s been working for me, but I’m definitely trying not to rely on it. But I have to be ok with taking baby steps.

Dont think or dwell on it too much, its normal. But the more you dwell on it, the harder it gets to overcome