What would you say to someone who has experienced erection issues for the first time?

For a first time… forget about it, don’t replay it or dwell on it, think about other exciting experiences instead if it was a negative experience. Keep it on the fun side, it just happens to everyone.

You are not alone. There are many people with the same issue. It is not just you. It’s okay to discuss it. Most people will understand and not have any expectations of you.

I’d share that patience is key in both that initial situation and long term. Taking things slowly during sex is always so sexy and being with someone long term who will have the patience to work through what is ultimately likely a passing issue is also sexy. Lastly, it’s good to be patient with oneself.

Don’t assume that you are the problem. Allow all possibilities to be present and slowly work through them until you find the solution.

It’s normal and they Mojo!

Talk about it and you’ll find out it’s quite common. Give yourself the grace.

These things happen and this is probably a one-off. What was going on in that situation that you just weren’t into?

It’s a natural body function that can occur when our system is under stress. Talking with your partner about it can help ease your worries and should help. If your partner isn’t supportive, don’t feel bad about moving on from them. Also don’t let porn give you the sense that you should be able to be hard all the time. No one sees the scenes where the actors couldn’t get it up and they had to sub him out for someone else.

You’re not obligated to feel a certain way about sex – it is meant to be experienced and enjoyed. Just because you experience erection issues does not mean you are not attracted to the person or incapable of performing. It means you were not present and that happens sometimes. Communicate and be clear – the rest will fall in line :slight_smile:

It is OK to feel nervous or not aroused with a situation. It is important to be comfortable with a situation and the person you are with, and sometimes your body is reacting to your emotional state despite your conscious effort

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Everyone experiences some kind of issue in their lifetime, it doesn’t mean it’s always going to happen

Other people have gotten past this and you will too. Also, what’s the worst case scenario if you never get it up during sex? It would be a huge bummer for sure, but some people have it way worse and still find ways to be happy. But keep working on it, never give up

Hey it’s cool, are you feeling stressed about something sex or outside of sex. Don’t worry, if it outsiders therapy is a great option. You’re not alone.

Pretty much every guy is going to go through the same experience. Try not to be heard on yourself and don’t dwell on it.

They are not alone. Erection issues are clearly very common. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with them.

There’s most likely nothing wrong with you. You might have had a bad day or be stressed or tired or whatever. There’s so many things than can effect you erections and sexual function. Give yourself some grace in this and be patient.

You’re not alone. It’s more common than you think