My first time (failed) (need your help)

Hello, for over a year and a half I have this amazing girl and yesterday we finally desided to get for more serious stuff, none of us felt anxious ar uncomfortable which surprised me and it could have been such a perfect first time, but my thing couldn’t get hard at all, I never experienced this problem before, luckily the girl supported me and didn’t made a big deal out of it, so we decided to try again the next week, and I need your tips what should I do do not get this situation again

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I’m having something similar where I don’t consciously feel anxious at all, but recently I did notice a time when that little critic popped up momentarily and detailed me. But it’s good to have a partner that’s understanding, will definitely help you both get to where you need to be

such support will encourage your confidence in the future. heed to that essential influence of empowerment — she’s a keeper.

I would begin a regimen of meditation & self exploration. practice breathing techniques