What would you say to someone who has experienced erection issues for the first time?

It’s a normal part of life & that every man must encounter this problem at one point or another in his lifetime. Having this problem does not define you, but how you deal with the problem will. Face the issues head on and find out what your psychological barriers are. We must overcome the demons in our minds. Remember that you are a king!

You will get past it. Your life sex life isn’t ruined. You don’t need to catastrophize. You will have great sex again.

It happens and you’re not alone.

It happens to everyone, and I really mean that. It’s not something guys will often talk about and many won’t ever admit it, but it really does. Talk about it to people you trust and talk about it to your sexual partners. It’s not unusual and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Don’t keep it to your self or hide the issue as I have done for many years.
Address your lifestyle and and any anxieties that you may have.
Talk and seek help.

The first time does not need to reflect how every time will be. It’s okay to feel anxious, shy and stressed, particularly after hearing everything you heard from your partner’s previous sexual experiences. You’ll overcome this.

Don’t be hard on yourself and definitely don’t hold it in. Try to speak to others or your partner about it openly.