What works to make you aroused

I’m struggling to get aroused to even masturbate, I try to use my imagination and get semi erect which I guess is progress because I couldn’t before using this site. I like the ideas it offers but because I am a virgin, I want to focus on arousal and getting erect and then I can focus on the sexual part with my partner.

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That sounds confusing and I can see why you’re looking for some advice that works for your personal situation.

You should check out solo simmering (in the Boost your libido course) and the erotic bank exercises (in the Fantasy training course). You can use them to increase your arousal when masturbating.

It can take a bit of time to build the mindfulness that helps you get turned on by imagination alone. So don’t be tough on yourself if it takes a few weeks to see a big difference.

As well as the exercises above, it can help to let your anticipation build up. So you could try masturbating less often and see if you notice any difference.

I’m glad you’ve seen some early signs of progress and I’m wishing you lots of luck revving your arousal alone and, some day soon when you’re reading, putting it into practice with a partner :blush: