How do you get yourself turned on?

I’m curious if anyone else has this issue.

Quite often I’m mentally in the mood to self pleasure or have sex, but I don’t actuslly feel aroused. And I’m not just talking about not having an erection. I mean my body is just not aroused, nor is it very receptive to becoming aroused through touch.

It’s like I just feel like I’m in the mood for it, but I just can’t turn myself on. Like the thought of touching myself doesn’t feel very appealing, and when I do, I don’t actually start feeling aroused, I just get kind of bored and I lose interest.

In the past, I would have watched some porn, which would sort of scratch the itch I’m feeling, to engage in or view something sexual, and it will normally get me turned on enough to e joy self pleasuring, but I really want to avoid using porn if I can. I’d much rather learn how to get myself aroused without it. I do also think this difficulty with getting aroused has a bit to do with my ED.

I’ve tried pleasuring myself (as mentioned), as well as audio erotica, and trying to use my imagination, but nothing really cuts it.


There’s a bit in Mojo about “simmering…” I wonder if that could be helpful… my interpretation (rightly or wrongly) is keeping a low level… sort of “up for it ness” in the background… I’ve tried it and think it helps.
Just a thought.


Cool, I’m not up to that part yet. Hopefully it helps.