Forcing myself to masturbate

Does anyone else here feel no drive to masturbate, however you constantly search for something in your mind to turn you on and ultimately end up masturbating? It’s a problem I’ve been having for a while and I’m wondering why my mind is forcing me to watch porn.

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I have the same problem, and I’m guessing it’s lack of libido due to ED and it’s making me want to feel “normal” again

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I’m not sure what’s happening…

originally I stopped masturbating, because I thought this might be causing ED… (wearing it out… if you see what I mean)

Then when ED occurred I just “fell out” with masturbating for fear of failure…… however…. It is part of this program… so I’ve stuck with it… and it is helping me reach my goal…

I’m not sure how or why… maybe neural pathways or something… or just normalising sex … heck… I don’t know but… I’m sticking with the plan…

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