What to say to my girlfriend

I’m 61 years old, healthy and pretty fit.
I’ve been with my gf 4+ years. I’ve had periods of ED with her over that time. I lose erection during penetrative sex. I’m good during foreplay. I’m good at the beginning of penetrative sex but then I lose it. I’m new to mono and am hoping it’ll help.
I’m the meantime, how do I keep my gf engaged? She’s taking the most recent occurrence particularly hard and is feeling it must be her at least to some degree.
I’ve told her I’m starting mojo but it’ll take time.
Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.

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If you follow the daily tasks of the app you will get to some content that covers your question. I don’t recall how quickly you get to that content, so if you feel like you can’t wait you might try:

  • look through the content in the Resources section of the app for podcast discussions that are relevant to your question.
  • consider a couples therapist that specializes in sex related issues.
  • be transparent and openly communicate with your partner. Express your own feeling and concerns about the situation. Ask for them to support you, emotionally, as you work through this issue together.

Caveat: I am torn on mentioning that last point. I personally believe that it is a good thing to communicate. Women say that is what they want. In my experience, not all of them are self aware enough to understand how you exposing your vulnerability to them will affect their attraction to you. If you are unsure or scared of this happening, then get a couples counselor involved.


I am in a similar position. 63 years old and experiencing ed issues. My wife is 66 but she has no issues with sex and I feel I’m not up to the job

Communication is going to be really important here. As we age, erections do change but often people say they can have the most satisfying sex after 60. Mojo will help you staying in your body and not having too many interfering thoughts. By talking more openly about what you both want you will be able too take some pressure off any situations and begin having fun again.

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