Girlfriend turned off me

I’ve been seeing my GF for about 18 months now. Ever since we started seeing each other, our sex life has been very off and on due to my ED. In spite of following all of the guidance through Mojo, I honestly don’t feel like I’m making much progress. What’s making matters worse is the fact that my GF has told me that she doesn’t want sex with me any more, as it’s so often a let down. I’m absolutely gutted and now my self esteem is through the floor. Any advice, please?

I say this as a man who’s been married for 18 years who’s dealing with long-standing ED and PE… She probably shouldn’t be your girlfriend.

I’m not sure where I’d be mentally if my wife wasn’t as loving and supportive as she is with helping me deal with all of this. It’s tough enough battling this as-is, let alone with your partner apply pressure for something that you can’t really control and are obviously the trying to make better for you and her.

Just my two cents.


Yea bro if she’s literally saying she doesn’t want to have sex with you cause your problems just let it go. Shows that she’s in it for herself and doesn’t care about what you have going on in your own life.


Since you asked for advice, I’ll suggest open and honest communication (maybe with the help of a therapist). Tell her how frustrated and disappointed you feel about there not being more progress, despite how much effort you’ve been putting in. Find a way to see that there has been SOME progress, though, so that she has some hope of things getting better.
Let her know how significant the impact is that she’s pulling away instead of being supportive. Reassure her that it is not about her. Explain that ED issues are subtle and nuanced and that all it takes is one insidious, doubtful thought to interrupt an aroused state. She might not be able to relate, because I don’t think women have a similarly comparable challenge.