Girlfriend turned off

After being with my girlfriend for about 18 months, ED has always been a problem for me. It’s now reached a stage where neither of us wants to initiate sex through fear of disappointment.
Because of this, my girlfriend last night announced that she doesn’t find me sexually attractive any longer. I’ve found this devastating and really don’t know where to go from here.


Time to hit the gym and get a more understanding girlfriend. You can also look into Hims. But really, nofap, self confidence, and a better girlfriend sound like what’s on the agenda.


She ain’t the one bro no good woman would say that, don’t worry about sex my man the right woman will be cmming on your dc* when you have your money straight and your mental and physical body straight


If that’s what she said, let her go. Don’t be hard on yourself, be kind and work on yourself. It’s all about you and not her, even though it’s hard, but trust me , I know the feeling.

This has a solution and it will get better if you put in the work. Focus on you and when you get better, the right girl will come along at the right time. You will think of all the bad moments as learning experiences that helped you get to where you will be.