Supporting my partner - help!

My partner has started to voice her concern that my ED is down to her lack of attractiveness despite me saying categorically that that is not the case. I find her really hot and I tell her that a lot.
I have pointed out this started before we started a sexual relationship.
How can I help and support her? I would really appreciate some help. I’m really worried she leaves for a more ‘attractive’ proposition sexually. What strategies do you guys use to help your partner understand it’s not them and help build their self confidence whilst not giving up on this or me?

Its difficult-
My story:
I had a great sexual relationship with my first wife, but after 10 years, ED anxiety revisited me and lost my first erection- She took it personally and felt unattractive, so sad-
In your case I hope your partner is more self assured, in that case you can resolve the issue together-by communication and perhaps 3rd party Counceling- Don’t give up

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Thanks buddy

Do you know what’s causing your Ed? And how old are you guys? And how often do you watch porn?