What support did you look for before finding Mojo? Did you find it helpful?

I think this has help my mental need to try in bedroom

Libido increasing pills,exercises. For me, the solution was definitely the mental aspect: I needed to get out of my head.

Yes it is indeed helpful. It has made me worry less.

ED pills, sometimes worked, sometimes didn’t. A clear indications that I have a mental barrier to gaining an erection, not a physical one.

I was too embarrassed to talk to anybody about it so I decided to talk to the one person it matters to the most, my girlfriend.

I told her that it wasn’t her fault and that I wasn’t sure what my problem was but that I was trying everything to fix it and ensured her that I’m insanely attracted to her.

It has only happened on a few occasions and thinking back now, all the times have been when I’ve been put on the spot/pressured to have sex because it was our anniversary or we had been sexting and expecting a crazy night of romance. Then when time comes, the pressure & stress build up affect my erection.

Talking to my girlfriend about it make me feel worse at the time because it was embarrassing to even talk about, and saying anything about it made the problem real. Now I think about it and I’m glad that I was able to talk to her about it & the fact that she was so chill about it and said that we would get over the problem together.

I think just being able to speak on such a taboo subject helps immensely when the problem is psychological and not physical in nature.

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Talking therapy for a few years. I wasn’t open enough unfortunately. Blood tests to check for problems. Kegel exercises for about 5 weeks now. Viagra, but I’m not comfortable with secretly taking these pills. And now Mojo which I discovered whilst browsing the Internet.

nothing psychological , and i tried ed meds but im too young for that and they were helpful but not all the time

My primary care doc, who prescribed viagra. I tried accupuncture. and ultrasound therapy. I haven’t found any of it helpful.

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A few self diagnosed things such as quitting porn, abstaining from masturbation, and was half heartedly doing some if the things from this course but this has definitely been the most comprehensive and supportive thing I’ve come across.

I really only talked to a doctor about this once. He gave me some fairly general advice which was not very helpful. Was too embarresed to ask again. I also began using some aides (i.e., cock ring), which did help a bit.

Primarily urologist. Got placed on cialis and now on sublingual tadalafil. I know it’s mostly psychological. It helps in a pinch but there are times that it doesn’t help at all. Currently seeing a psychosex therapist which has been useful so far. My problem is being consistent with meditation, kegals, exercise because I know it works and it will help. This app has been good with slowly taking info meaningfully and building on it.

Just doctors who said there isn’t a problem physically but were no more help than that. I use viagra all the time which has caused a secondary issue of reliance…

I had some therapy before and tried viagra. Therapy helped but we ended up talking more about my general anxiety and some things from the past. Viagra did not a lot for me. My gp also did the normal tests and it was all fine. Despite all this I still get performance anxiety and can easily not be in the mood or loose my erection.

I didn’t really know where to go. I looked online, and it was usually just ended up talking about medication. I’m not very close enough to my friends to talk about it, and I’m not in contact with my dad. I talked about it with a therapist, but I didn’t feel like we were a good fit, nf that’s something I want to explore more in the fucutre

Just meditation or anxiety courses, I found them useful but never could get to the understanding that having negative thoughts is not a reason to catastrophise or act as if they’re going to happen

Nutritional Supplementation.

Sex therapist, some sessions, asked my dad and talked to my partner

Pills, workout, psychotherapist, and quitting smoking and drinking didnt work. turns out all you need is a nice gal and this service apparently

I’ve visited doctors before, and left with medication for it. Went back with that didn’t help. Got blood work done and an ultrasound done of my penis. I’ve also seen a therapist.

Urologist, endocrinologist, psycologist, psichiatrist, Cialis, my friends, you name it.