What support did you look for before finding Mojo? Did you find it helpful?

Therapist - quite useful, focus on mindfulness

I did a lot random Google searches trying to find information. The majority of it wasn’t helpful at all. There are a lot of opinions and a lot of weird suggestions that really didn’t have a lot of evidence backing it up

Urologist didn’t help at all.Therapy is just talk therapy and there hasn’t been a lot of results yet or major takeaways

Therapist. Although the limiting factor was the availability of a therapist. This app is much more accessible, and can the community page is really beneficial

The exercises help and so do the meditations.

i used pills but dont them and if your mind isnt right then it doesnt help

I sought advise from my GP who initially prescribed me with viagra. However, I knew this was just papering over the cracks, so I asked to be referred for psychosexual therapy. These sessions helped somewhat, and everything that the therapist said made sense (e.g- don’t be so hard on yourself, be in the moment etc), but as the problem had become quite deep rooted it was difficult to fully accept this advice.


I went to a sex therapist for one session. He basically said I should have a sex ban with my partner to not set any expectations, but if it happens in the moment, it happens.

I (M17) was dating this girl (F16) and we waited several months before having sex. I was a virgin but for some reason, I was so confident in my ability to have great sex. The time came, but as a virgin, there was a whole load of fumbling around. I eventually got it in (we were doing it in missionary) and I lasted a few minutes to be fair. A few weeks later, we did it again and the exact same situation happened. She seemed to enjoy it and we went for round two, however this time I just couldn’t get in, it came to a point where I just gave up. Things got a bit rocky after that (unrelated situation) and she was the one to call it quits. Most of my closest friends were in the double digits for their body counts and in my eyes, I felt I had lost it late. Couple that with the fact that the sex didn’t go as I had planned it out to in my head (several months leaves a lot of time to imagine the moment), in pretty much the default sex position, and being dumped by a girl I really liked, it absolutely killed my confidence, I just felt that I was too old to be so inexperienced. I have been suffering from PA ever since, it has got steadily better since then, and I’ve learnt to not place such expectations on myself, even then I’ve only managed to do it with different girls a few times. However, it was mainly in doggy when I was extremely horny and once in missionary, when I was extremely high. I just want to be able to have sex (especially in missionary lol) without having to go through months of doing nothing with girls or when under the influence of drugs.

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I went to a few therapists - a sex therapist, and a psychotherapist. I didn’t really like the sex therapist, it was partly because I wasn’t mad about her style of therapy - it was very impersonal, just kind of giving me a book or two to read and some printed off CBT exercises. But it was also tough for me as a young male to accept all of these new ideas and concepts (which were of course healthy ideas that I needed to hear) of sex that she was throwing at me that deviated from the norm of what I thought sex was about and involved. The pyschotherapist since then has been quite helpful. I also went to a doctor and have gotten my testosterone levels measured and been given multiple prescriptions for viagra.

Spoke to a friend who is a doctor.

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Before mojo I tried few things.1. Doctor - Said nothing was wrong with me, and I was fine. But I knew I wasn’t. So didn’t go back to him again. The doctor prescribed me Cialis.2. YouTube - I went on my own journey to craft my own natural solution Yoga, herbs, exercise etc.

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Wow that’s still a lot of success with having sex even with ED problems…I myself have only had sex once successfully so far after getting ED in September…but I also haven’t tried again since cause I haven’t had the time or place with my gf really. Do you think that trying to have sex with girls you aren’t that emotionally close to actually improves your ED cause there’s less pressure on you to perform? I’m with my long term gf of several years so I’m trying my best not to put too much pressure on myself now…I obviously just don’t want serious relationship trouble if I have trouble having sex in the future. In your opinion would you say antidepressants might help with having sex? I’m trying welbutrin now (supposedly very low chance of sexual side effects) and I feel its already massively improving my arousal. I’m hoping that will help me keep it up in the moment because the arousal should be a lot more than it has been lately

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How is the exercise working? Because I recently started exercising more, sleeping 7 to 8 hours consistently and eating much much healthier although maybe I’m not eating as often as I should during the day. I feel better physically and mentally lately even with depression symptoms, and after taking wellbutrin for a few days my arousal increased a lot in a short time which has made me feel much more confident and calm. Its amazing feeling arousal with my gf more consistently like I used to. I’m assuming these natural steps are helping me but its hard to tell. I was able to have sex a month ago with probably the same or more anxiety, so maybe I’ll be fine next time I try for sex. But yeah how much do you think the natural solutions are working?

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Urologist to rule out anything physical and Therapy to better understand my anxiety. It was helpful in a sense…I now know that it is mostly in my head.


I used viagra to cover the underlying issues.


Urologist. I didn’t find it helpful

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Therapy, not so useful