What support did you look for before finding Mojo? Did you find it helpful?

I’ve seen a urologist and therapist who recommended maybe seeing a sex therapist

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Just internet forums really.

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I had spoken to my primary care physician who suggested i try Cialis. It definitely seemed to help sometimes, but it actually doesn’t always work, so it made me think it might be psychological and I stumbled on this site when looking for ways to deal with it.


I really didn’t look for much support, i used viagra and supplements to try and boost my libido and confidence, but once none of that seemed to fix the issue and i still struggled without viagra, I thought maybe some sort of therapy would be beneficial, and this seemed the least intrusive option.

I didn’t really know where to go to be honest. I googled quite a bit about it and eventually talked to my wife about what I’ve found on Google. But I couldn’t really find anything other than Mojo

I used viagra but decided it wasn’t a natural, sustainable solution

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Thank God Mojo is the first resource I found. This community has helped me understand my body more, given me tools to work on myself, and initiated wonderful conversations with my partner.
I also have been studying Tantric sex, which puts the emphasis on mindfulness and connection with your partner, rather than penetration and orgasm. This has allowed my partner and I to enjoy each other sexually even when I can’t get it up.

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I tried contacting a therapist through nhs but got put on a waiting list for several months, I didn’t find anything else and came across this. I’ve found it relaxing and reassuring to know there are several people in similar situations who have overcome their problems and hope that I can do so aswell.

I honestly just talked to a single friend of mine who also was having similar issues this is my first attempt to make it better

Was embarrassed to look for help i went to doctor but all he said was to take cialis

A urologist and endocrinologist.

I spoke to my therapist about my erection issues and the pressure I felt during sex and how it felt really difficult to get an erection. My therapist was helpful in removing any pressure around sex and dating which then led to me finding mojo which has allowed me to progress further.

Not much besides asking my family doctor to check my testosterone levels, which ended up being fine. He said issues could be related to stress or other factors.

No support as such, but have had to use viagra sometimes


Sex therapist. She was helpful and I am still talking to her about the performance anxiety issues that I have experienced.

I went to a doctor and he prescribed Viagra for me. I knew it was not gonna solve my problem and did not take it. I went to google and couldn’t really find an inclusive program to solve the problem. I gave up for a year and Mojo came out of nowhere to tell me I’m here and will help you solve your problem and tell you every aspect of it. This course is worth its weight of gold!!!

therapist and urologist. not really

Haven’t really done much other than sharing the issue with a couple of my friends. Mainly got the motivation to accept my issue and do something about it after starting Mojo…