What is the best way to approach mojos courses?

I have had mojo for quite awhile, and never been able to stick with the program and do exercises. I have ADHD so scheduling time to do the exercises is hard, plus I live with family so getting alone time during the day is difficult.

I’m not sure how to setup a roadmap or time frame to successfully complete all phases and do all exercises, and which exercises to keep doing after that.

Any tips from people who have been successful with mojo?


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Meditating without setting time aside to do so will be next impossible as it goes against the very idea of meditation. Surely you can set aside five minutes! Kegels can be done literally anywhere and be done very discreetly. You can listen to the podcasts with some earbuds. You can do it!

How many times a week should
I do each exercise from each phase before I move into the next phase, or should I stack all the exercises as I learn them while doing the next phase?

It really depends on the exercise. Maybe take a bathroom break for a bit to knock it out. Consistency is key! If it’s something you want to do, you will make time for it. Even if it’s only for five minutes a day.

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Actually my opinion is to not rush the phases, every phase is really important and should have your time on it. Actualy except the 20 min exercises anything else can be done in the bathroom, but you need to find time to stay with yourself somehow and atleast meditate.