Advice for staying motivated on this app?

Hey guys. I like Mojo over all and it helps when I use it consistently, but it’s so hard to keep up with! When I see the sensate exercise and the one where you have to work yourself up to almost cumming come up on the same day I die a little inside. I’m a busy person and there are days when I don’t have a motivated 45 minutes to an hour to play with myself and stretch and strain.

How do you guys stay motivated and not get mad about the time commitment?


Hey, I completely understand the super busy schedule. I’m in the same boat and as much as I believe that Mojo can help me, I worry that I won’t make/have enough time for it and eventually it becoming one of those apps that just sit in my phone with no use. I don’t really have an answer but I’m right there with you.

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Definitely been that way for me in a few waves. I’ll use the app, it’ll help a lot and then I’ll get exhausted

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I stay motivated by having sex… I try to last as long as possible. Just downloaded this app. I struggle with lasting long. But hoping to see if this app will help me with that lol.

I have the same, guys, even when not busy I am having many other important things and interests. Life is big, and it’s not only about sex….What I do I do not follow all the notifications and schedules, but adjust everything according to when I can and I say to myself: Hey, you don’t have to run, take it slow! Less is more. Some exercises I just do on my own during the day without using the app, then later I will tick them that I have completed them. It’s about being realistic, still doing it, little by little.


Yeah! When I get sensate ( I do solo) and wax n wane ( is that the one you had in mind - get hard, go soft, get hard …) I admit I do them at the same time (stage 4 solo sensate involves touching your dick - i just do it a bit longer!). And I also do shorter end of the timeline 10-15 min - main thing is finding interruption free time where I can actually relax and feel “safe” to do this - but I feel I still get benefits if both by combining this way.

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I love that idea! Maybe I’ll do sensate and wax and wane by the books for a few times to get back into it and then try to combine them. This is such a subjective thing, but do you still find it helpful combined?


Well I’m no mojo expert but I do find them helpful even if combined. I think sensate is about increased awareness of full body sensation and this includes having an erection. When you let erection go during wax n wane is an ideal time to explore elsewhere ( well avoiding areas that may keep you hard!)

I don’t combine every time and sometimes I simply am not able to prioritize this - exercises you don’t get to just roll over to the next day.

Preach guys same here between work , working out, family, and household duties time is slim for sure. I can do keigle and reverse keigles in the car but carving out alone time consistently is a nightmare.