What are the best exercises to prevent erection problems?

What are the best exercises to prevent erection problems?

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I’d like to know this too. Especially exercises that can be done without equipment.

I was consistent on doing Ring Fit for a while and it definitely seemed to help with responsiveness and reducing anxiety, but with my partner now working from home my chances to do that are now more limited.

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In terms of physical exercises, diaphragmatic breathing and stretching and strengthening your pelvic floor may improve your erections.

Not only will following these exercises on Mojo improve the tone of your pelvic floor, but some guys find that bringing awareness and blood flow to this part of the body helps their erections, too.

This meta-analysis concludes that training the pelvic floor is helpful for guys with ED — but the methodological quality isn’t great and there’s no optimal training plan out there.

To figure out if pelvic floor exercises help you get results, I suggest you check out our Stretch and strengthen course and follow the advice from physiotherapist Georgie Adams. Once you’ve done the course, you’ll unlock the exercises in the Mojo Exercises section so they’re easy to return to as part of your daily routine :blush:

To overcome the psychological reasons you might not get or maintain an erection, there’s no single best exercise for all guys — Mojo would be a very different platform if there was one! It depends on what you discover you need to work on. Looking at the research, the strongest evidence base is for mindfulness and for CBT-related techniques. So if you want to focus on what’s ‘best’, there’s a good chance that incorporating Mojo’s mindful masturbation exercises and Mojo’s meditations into your approach and completing the Reframe course will help.

I hope this helps you experiment and see results!

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