Difficulty keeping erection

I have difficulty keeping an erection even when I’m masturbating at times. I realize it’s probably all in my head. I feel I am trying or thinking too hard about it but I can’t seem to relax my mind and enjoy the moment.

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Same here

Are you doing the Mojo courses and exercises? This topic is addressed quite extensively.

If you are certain that it isn’t a medical issue, then there are two factors that affect your erection. The nervous system and the PC muscle. Any blood flow issues, hormone issues, tissue damage, etc. would be a medical issue and you should seek your doctor’s advice.

You can control your nervous system through meditation and the various techniques taught in the app. You can exercise your PC muscle with kegal and reverse kegal exercises.

If this issue is related to porn usage, the app addresses this too. The sensate, penis root masturbation, and wax/wane exercises are some of the techniques taught to help rewire your mind-body connection and decouple excitement from porn.

The app is worth it. If you aren’t using it, you should. If you are doing all those things, then try asking a more specific question or giving more context.

Remember, it is normal for an erection to have various levels of hardness if your sessions are over an extended period of time. You might experiment with cock rings. Those are nice but I find that exercise, diet, and mindset are the most impactful dimensions when it comes to my erection.