Wax and wane worries

Iā€™ve been doing the wax and wane, and it had been going well.

Now when I did it I felt like I couldnā€™t get beyond 70% hardness or somethingā€¦ And I even really tried to use fantasy.

I had trouble stopping the inner criticā€¦

Not sure what to tell myself now :sweat_smile: With lube and fantasy and everything and still not fully hardā€¦ I think i need visual stimulationā€¦ and I havenā€™t watched porn in a long time. So thatā€™s not itā€¦

So yeah bit worried

Iā€™ve also quit porn and am having problems feeling it ROCK hard. Sometimes I want to go back to porn to feel I can get it that hard again.

Have you done the sensate thing. No porn jist touching your own body. You can do it on a mirror of you like
I found this helpful for dissociating visual stimulation in favour of more tactile simulation.

I actually have done this. I try to do this regularly. But i guess it doesnā€™t help me much for self self satifying?..

But I do watch porn 1 time a week. Mojo says that is one. Like if you plan itā€¦

So I do notice that when I use it, I definitely can get rock hard.

So I just plan it for one time a week, nothing to crazy either. It does give me confidence that when Iā€™m in bed with a woman I find attractive that I can get hard, cause that there is touch en visual stimulation.