Wax and wane struggles

I understand the purpose of this exercise is to gain confidence that if I lose my erection I’ll be able to get it back. But I’m finding that it’s harder to get back the erection again, and I think I put pressure on myself to regain it - rather than building confidence I feel I’m losing it. Or I’m afraid that this exercise will ultimately result in losing confidence. Anyone else have similar experiences?

Yeah I had this particularly the first few times - trying to get hard again the 3rd time was a bit of a challenge, felt dick was saying enough of this ! I found i had to just breathe, slow down and try to focus on enjoying the process - don’t need to get hard again quickly - almost trying to work out mentally what helped me to allow myself to get hard again …

Try to enjoy the session and not think of it as a test ….

It is easy to put more pressure on yourself. Slow things down, make sure you are doing some breath work and body scans - noticing thoughts - not judging for a few weeks. Don’t look for an erection. Hold of masturbating for a bit but allow your mind to have erotic thoughts. It sounds as though you might have rushed a bit into the wax and wane - without really noticing how you get into your head and ut of your body. : )