Problems with Mojo exercise - Wax and Bane

I’m struggling to get a full on hard erection. It’s always soft, and then I lose it. I hope this is just my mood or something that’s temporarily affecting it. I was feeling more confident last week, and now this is making me feel bad again.

Any advice on how I should approach this ?

Also, I’m using a butt sex toy that I find very pleasant and feels very realistic. I can only penetrate it when I’m full on hard, so this is my way of testing my erection. I think it’s a good idea, but do you have any thoughts on that ?


Hi, was having a similar issue the first time. The last two times I did some breathing before getting into it or applying any lube. I had to bring my mind back to the breath a few times when I started getting in my head about not being that hard. Eventually I was able to wax and wane and the final round I was really hard. Maybe this will help? Either way, good luck!