About 2 months with mojo but still having problem

I have already 2 months with mojo but still have the same problem. I don’t see much progression.
I can get hard when doing any training with mojo.
Even foreplay with a partner, I can get hard, but every time I try to put in, it goes soft in 2,3 seconds. I can only keep erection when my partner helps me with hand or blow.
I try to do box breath, try to have fantastic before put it, but it doesn’t work. I don’t feel like I have any thoughts in my mind before putting in, but it just keeps going soft. What should I do


Hi there, you’ve mentioned that you don’t have any thoughts on your mind, but wondering how aware you are of your body’s sensations? And are you feeling a sense of pleasure when having sex?

This suggestion isn’t for everyone, but perhaps consider using tools like "audio/video subliminal programming. It’s helped me in different areas of life

I do enjoy it when she helps me with hand and blow. But just right before I put it in, my penis starts to go soft

Do you use porn at all and masturbate to it?

I use to watch porn a lot but since I join mojo I almost stop porn already maximum once for 2 weeks
and all the exercise I do, I do it without porn

Thanks for reply will try a but and see

I just posted a very similar message. We’re in the same boat! It’s 250% mental, just need to do the sensing exercises. Probably best to do no thrusting and just keep trying until you get comfortable with yourself

I would give it more time. A lot of the people on this app are longterm porn users and you probably need to retrain your brain to natural stimulus. Sometimes it can take a few months to get there. Best to abstain from porn for 1-2 months and try meditating as part of your daily schedule