Very Frustrated

There are times when everything is working, I’m relaxed and all systems go. Then there are times when, things are working during foreplay and bam, my mind says hold up and the spiral begins. Is it going to work? What if it doesn’t work? What if I lose it instead of staying in moment? It really is the greatest mind you know what. Then when I think about it, I say to myself, well how we’re you feeling this am or today. Stressed and anxious. And there in lies the problem. However, it was never like that. It’s especially worse if for instance we haven’t had sex in a while. It’s like ok, you worked last time don’t let me down. Once things work, confidence is up and I’m ready to go. I am rambling here. Just wondering if anyone se experience same thing. Just want to go back to the way it was and not be in my mind so much and overthink.

This sounds exactly my situation. I’m often aroused. Think about having sex and look forward to it- start off by being ok (most of the time) but then my mind starts going into a spiral and I start thinking ‘oh shit it’s going to happen, it’s happening’ and then it happens! There have been times when I’ve managed to stay on track and block out these thoughts and was like a porn star in the sack- can’t for the life of me work out how to stay in the moment and how to avoid falling down the well of spiralling thoughts. We always used to manage to get it back at some point- yesterday was the first time it didn’t happen, so i’ve signed up for this to see if it will help. Im
Under a bit a pressure at the moment as well because we need to have sex at a certain times- this is is making it worse- the pressure