So it happened last night

I don’t know what’s happened as I’ve had sex with my partner who I’ve just started seeing, maybe 100 times with no issues atall.

Now I can’t get it up even for masturbation, he’s just dead.

It started just before I went away this past weekend, so I thought it would fix itself and when I get back to my partner all will be fine, I did spend the entire weekend stressing out over it though wondering why it doesn’t work and what’s wrong. Got back home last night, she stayed round, we get going and nothing happens, he’s just a limp mess and it’s the most embarrassing thing over ever experienced.

It started when she asked for a dick pic about a week and a half ago, and I’d just finished madturbating so couldn’t get it up again after and this must have triggered something in my head.

I’m so depressed right now as in know this will cost me my relationship and I really don’t see a may for this to get better, I’m constantly stressed and thinking about it which I know is only making it worse. I don’t know what to do. I used to be horny all the time before this and overnight now I just can’t do anything. Is this performance anxiety or something else?

dealing with the exact same thing brother!! new GF had crazy wild sex 100 times then out of no where i could not get it going and now for the last couple weeks its all i can think about, i am afraid to even touch her. I am at a loss. this has happened to me in the past but only a cople times and then i got over it by having sex. But this time it wont go away, its embarrassing i cant even get it half way hard to have fun. she just turns and rolls over and goes to bed as i stare at the ceiling