Do I have Performance anxiety?

Hi guys,

I need a little help as I’m not sure what my issue actually is. Weather it’s actually ED or just a sudden loss of sex drive. Brief story of how this all started below.

Seeing a new girl, she went away on holiday last week and on her last night got a little horny and asked for a dick pic, now the problem is o had just masturbated and so couldn’t get it back up no matter what I tried, this must have set something off in my head as I thought what if this happens again when she’s back.

When she got back, we had sex maybe 3/4 times, but I don’t really remember feeling my normal horny self, and was thinking will it go up, now a couple of times it did flop which affected me again. I’ve been away since then so haven’t had a chance to see her again, but I’ve not managed to enjoy watching porn or masturbate, since and I’m usually atleast a once a day man no matter my mood or tiredness.

Before that night where she requested the dick pic I had absolutely no issues atall, was always really horny, would get multiple erections a day and if I watched porn or was with my girl it was instantly be up. Now if I watch porn nothing happens. So I really don’t know what’s going on or what the actual issue is to be able to figure out how to fix it, but its causing big issues for me mentally as all day it’s literally all I think about, which I know is just making it worse but I can’t stop, loosing sleep over it and everything. I know if this continues it will cost me the relationship with this new girl aswell as her sex drive is extremely high, as mine used to be before all these problems.

If she never asked for that picture I don’t think I’d be having these issues now so it must be something in my head that’s been triggered. I don’t know if it’s performance anxiety as I can no longer even get it up when I’m by myself. I’ve literally gone from being horny a lot of the time, to never being horny.

Too much porn… Give it up and let your brain reset…I did and at 57 I’m back to feeling 25 again, as far as sex goes.