Hookup of a lifetime… but couldn’t perform

Recently separated 9mo ago and have been have some fun getting out and finding some casual hookups. I’m a good looking guy and quite fit some I’ve been hitting above my league and enjoying this new fun (17 years with the same woman)

Last week I met this woman who was hit, fun and we ended up getting back to her place fairly early… I’m usually fine getting erections and didn’t even feel nervous, actually pretty proud of myself at this point, but I couldn’t get hard no matter what… we had some other fun but my dock wouldn’t get hard for the life of me! Nothing made sense and afterwards was the most awkward time of my life. She was a complete smoke show and everything I could ask for to have some fun but needed up feeling like a loser. I have ever since…. Not sure how I’m going to get over this one…

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Oh man… that really sucks. I’m gay but can otherwise totally relate. The hotter the guy is or the more I like him, the higher the stakes, which makes me more anxious and makes me go soft or cum too soon. With guys I care less about, I can perform like a champ. So frustrating.


Can totally relate to this. I was hooking up with this guy I’ve wanted to get with for ages - basically my dream guy and couldn’t get hard at all even though thinking about him turns me on so much. So frustrating and so much shame / disappointment. Saying what’s wrong with me etc!

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It creeps into my brain so often it’s hard to shake… knowing that is the memory someone will always have of you … it hits the core

Can totally relate - to the point that I ended up buying erection meds to take out the worry of not performing with a hot partner, but now feel like I can’t have sex without them.