Can’t stay in the moment

I’m having a hard time staying in the moment. Last night I was giving my gf a massage. I wasn’t thinking anything. Just focusing on making her feel good. I got an erection. Then I got hyper focused on my erection and trying to keep it. Then obviously I lost it pretty quickly. Any advice on keeping your mind in the moment?

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This is a big one for me too, ever since I started noticing ED, if things are actually going well then I can think “oh I’m nice and erect” and then - it starts losing it. So everything working well can be a boner killer! Frustrating

I imagine this course will help a lot, I hope, for us to be able to just completely go with the flow and not think about “oh good I have an erection” because it will be expected and normal :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here. It sucks. Same exact thing happens to me.

Same man. Was taking a shower with my partner today and started getting hard. When we moved to the bedroom I was completely soft and so anxious I was sweating. I feel like it will never end and will ruin my relationship. It’s devastating.

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I’m still struggling with this but what helped me was being honest with my partner. I told her what was happening. She didn’t fully understand why I focus on it but she understood that I’m human. That stuff like this happens and that’s okay. Like I said I’m still struggling but telling her removed so much pressure and guilt for me. I would hope your partner would be understanding if you told them what is going through your mind


I really hope this course helps. I’ve never struggled with this issue before so it’s all new to me. Committed to getting better